Workday Certification

Types of Workday Certification – How it Works..?

Workday Certification

Now you might know what workday is and how it works?

As you all know it doesn’t require any prerequisites so anyone can learn and get certification your company should be the partner with the Workday.

Workday Partners:

Who can learn?

  • All the Executives
  • Generalists.
  • IT Professionals.
  • Leads.
  • Managers and Employees.
  • Project Managers.
  • Security Personnel
  • Human Resource professionals and
  • System Administrators.

What is the benefit of getting certified in Workday?

As you know that your company should be the partner company with Workday, Once you get certified you will get a higher position and a good hike.

The average salary of the workday certified professional is around $102,699 per year (

Workday Clients

What are the certificates and how to obtain?

Primary Certification:

Certification Name Audience Course Requirements
HCM Certification  Functionals consultants who will be contributing to the design and configuration of Workday HCM services ore, HCM services Practical
Integration Certification Technical consultants who will be building required integration to and from Workday

HCM Services Overview

Integration Core

PM Certification Project managers leading Workday Implementations

HCM Services Core

PM Curriculum

Finance Certification Financials consultants who will be contributing to the design and configuration of Workday Finance

Financial services Core

Financials services Practical

Reporting Certification Reporting consultants who will be contributing to the design and configuration of Workday Report

HCM Services Core or Finance services Core or Integration services Core

Advance reporting Consulting Core.

Payroll Certification Payroll consultants who will be contributing to the design and configuration of Workday Payroll

HCM service Overview

Payroll consulting Core

All Workday Certification:

Role Courses Cost Pre Requisites
Financial Resources Financial Services Core $2,800 N/A
Financials Services Practical $875 Financials Services Core
Medium Enterprise Financials $200 Financials Certification
Customer Accounts & Contracts Consulting Core $648 Financials Certification
Composite Reporting Consulting Core $700

Financials Certification

Or HCM Certification

Grants Management Consulting Core $900 Financials Certification
Business Assets Consulting Core $525 N/A
Benefits Transactions $700 Workday Core Concepts
Banking Settlement Consulting Core $350 Financials Certification
Expenses Consulting Core $525 HCM Certification or Finanical Certification
FDM Consulting Core $700 Financial Certification
FDM Practical $175 Financial Certification
Planning Consulting Core $1,750 Financial service Core Or Overview
Functional Designer/ Configurator HCM Services Core $2800 N/A
HCM Pratical $875 HCM Serivce Core
Medium Enterprise HCM $200 HCM Certification
Absence & Leave Consutling Core $1750 HCM Certification
Medium Enterprise Absence $200 Absence & Leave Certification
Talent & Performance Management Consulting Core $875 HCM Certification
Benefits consulting Core $1400 HCM Certification
Compensation Consulting Core $1750 HCM Certification
Advanced Compensation Core $1400 Compensation Certification
Recruiting Compensation Core $1750 HCM Certification
Learning Compensation Core $700 HCM Certification
Time Tracking Consulting core $1750 HCM Certification
Projects Consulting Core $525 HCM Certfication Or Financial Certification
HCM Services Overview $1400 N/A
Payroll Resources Payroll Consulting Core $1750 HCM Service Overview
US Payroll consulting Core $1400 Payroll Consulting core
Canadian Payroll consulting Core $1,400 Payroll Consulting Core
France Payroll consulting Core $1,400 Payroll Consulting Core
UK Payroll consulting Core $1,400 Payroll Consulting Core
Medium Enterprise Payroll $200 UK/US/Can/France Certification
Project Manager PM $ 0 HC Service Core or Financials seervices Core
Medium Enterprise PM $ 200 PM Certification or Integration or Financial Integration Certification
Reporting Advanced Reporting Consulting Core $ 875 HCM cor4e Financials Core Or Integration Core
Workday Report Designer (BIRT) $ 700 Report Writing
PRISM Analytics Consulting Core $525 Reporting Certification
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