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Thank you for buying our courses. We ensure that our users have a rewarding experience while they discover, assess, and purchase our courses, whether it may be Instructor-led, or Self Paced Training or Corporate Training. As with any online purchase experience, there are terms and conditions that govern the Refund Policy. When you buy a training course on Workdaytraining , you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and refund policy.

Our Refund Policy is as follows:

Cancellation & Refunds:

After conducting an internal review, refunds will only be given if we were responsible in failing to meet consumer needs. Please send all requests for reimbursement directly to so we may process them quickly.

Networking Issues:

The classes published to each and every user are delivered through all the softwares which are purely the property of workdaytraining.

Furthermore, the Company works continuously to expand and develop the infrastructures to meet the needs of visitors. Updating features and capabilities may necessitate developing or purchasing of innovative technologies. Unexpected software disruptions, slowness, fall in customer services and delays might occur from increased software usage or addition of new updates.

Management Policy:

Usage of Workdaytraining services must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations which fall under your responsibility to know. It is prohibited that any form of hiring educators for employment with non-affiliated businesses.

Meeting or creating relationship with others who utilize Company products occurs entirely at your own risk or Instructors and meeting them should only occur in public settings where safety precaution can ensure maximum protection is guaranteed. Always prioritize safety over speed or any benefit gained when meeting someone new who uses Workdaytraining Services!


For Self Placed Learning:

Money back guarantee is void once the course content or the E-Book is dispatched.

For Instructor Led Online Training:

Raise refund request within 1 day of commencement of the batch you enrolled for. Also, in case user downloads the recording or E-Book for the course the money back guarantee will be void.

Workdaytraining , reserves the right to postpone/cancel an event, or change the timings of an event because of insufficient enrollments, instructor illness or major events (like floods, earthquakes, political instability, etc)

  • In case Workdaytraining cancels an event, 100% refund will be paid to the delegate.
  • If a cancellation is done by a delegate 7 days (or more) prior to the event, 10% of the total paid fee will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded to the delegate.
  • In case item quantity is more than one, please reach out to our support team through our Help & Support section on the website.

Refunds: Duplicate Payment


Refund of the duplicate payment made by the delegate will be processed via the same source (original method of payment) in 7 to 10 working days post intimation by the customer.

Note: All refunds will be processed within 7-10 working days after the refund request is approved.

Misuse of Tool/ Tenant Access:

In this scenario, if we observe any of the customer is misusing the tool/tenant access or used it for unauthorized activities his access will be permanently closed.

Under any circumstances if we find the misuse of the tool/tenant access the customer will not be given any refund amount.

Misuse of Video Content & Materials/ LMS Access:

The video content & materials/LMS Access shared by us are non shareable. If any breach happens against our materials you will be no longer able to access the content given by us from your end.

Even there will be no refund processed against the violation of our Video content & materials/LMS Access.

Please find the below criteria & accept the below terms & norms:

You acknowledge reading all Pricing information before accessing or registering with our Course.


If you’re below eighteen (18), we need the approval of both of your parents or guardians before enrolling and accessing courses available through this Site;


As element of agreement using the industry Products responsibly as well as ethically, you as well commit not to misuse.


Engage in any non-commercial or commercial invitations activity, such as promotional materials, junk mail, unsolicited advertisements, spam emails.


Publicate anything illegal, offensive, threatening, deceptive, misleading, infringing upon intellectual defamatory or Libellous, property rights.


Tamper damage products belonging to the company.


Unless our prior written approval of the business, it is strictly forbidden for you to publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, distribute, convey to the people, exploiting company’s resources or Products or a content from this platform (presented content is considered owned content of Workdaytraining).

If you cross any policies or Terms displayed on the Site from any of the applicable laws or we take the chance to discontinue the usage Company Services/Products without warning and immediately. Your permission can be taken away without any intimation or even no apparent justification at all.

The given credentials will be shut down or may be terminated immediately and all related data could be deleted from our servers, and any copies made should be immediately destroyed or shredded by you.

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