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Course Description

Workday Adaptive Planning is a cloud-based financial planning and forecasting solution, helping organizations improve their planning process and make smarter decisions. The solution’s collaborative environment enables users to collaborate on financial plans together while sharing data insights for decision making purposes.

This course is tailored for anyone interested in exploring Workday Adaptive Planning – Workday’s cloud-based enterprise planning software solution which allows organizations to accelerate financial planning cycles, streamline operational efficiency and make better decisions by offering accurate visibility into business performance. Throughout this course you will explore: The Course Covers Workday Adaptive Planning: Overview (WAWAP),

Users, Security, and Workspaces in Workday Adaptive Planning.

Experience & Overview

Once you become knowledgeable of this technology and its concepts, a test will be taken for certification by Workday and officially awarded upon passing the Certification Exam.

Once you’ve gained experience and certification with Workday adaptive technology, make sure that you update your resume and testimonials so as to boost your career and advance professionally.


Workday Adaptive Planning doesn’t demand any typical prerequisites as it is one of the functional modules of Workday. You should have a basic idea of financial planning.

Having a basic knowledge of Workday would be of good help for you to understand and learn the technology course precisely. At the end of the course, however, you will be mastering the financial planning and forecasting aspects.


Once you learn about this concept and have a good idea of this technology, you will be writing an exam to get the certificate. The certificate will be provided officially by Workday once you qualify the Certification Exam.

After learning this technology and getting the certification, you need to update your resume and testimonials to build a career and grow professionally.

Course Content

1.Adaptive Planning
  • Navigation throughout the application
  • Structure design element basics
    • Levels
    • Versions
    • Accounts
    • Dimensions
    • Attributes
  • Budget entry in a student-created Operating Expense sheet
  • Model and Cube sheet demonstration
  • Basic Report-creation using the Matrix report writing tool from within Adaptive Planning
  • Review of Users and Roles
  • Basic formulas and utilization of the formula wizard
  • Introduction of the import functionality from within Adaptive Planning
2.Adaptive Reporting
  • Reporting options within Adaptive Planning
  • Using the matrix report builder including basic and advance calculation/formula options
  • Design a P&L report
  • Create a version comparison report
  • Report on modeled sheet data
  • Use conditional formatting and display options
  • Understand the benefits of the upload file “report”
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