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Course Description

Workday Advanced Report training aims at equipping participants with knowledge on various Workday Reports present within Workday System. Through Workday Reporting’s, one can acquire various Reports and Data Analytic tools. For an outline of topics covered within this Course Content section.

If you are seeking online training, sign up for a Live demo session and begin learning either during weekdays or weekends. Our trainer’s team can also offer guidance in regards to Workday certification guidance as well as interview clearing sessions so as to guide your journey and get you into your dream job!

Workday stands as an industry leader and offers numerous employment opportunities across numerous areas of interest.

Experience & Overview

Workday Advanced Reporting is an incredibly versatile reporting solution, used by businesses of all kinds to quickly generate accurate, up-to-date reports using Workday data.

With numerous functionalities like these available to it:

* An interactive report generator which empowers users to generate custom reports without knowing SQL or programming languages;

* A collection of pre-built reports which may be utilized as-is or modified according to specific user needs

* An enterprise tool that enables users to share reports within their business or external users

A report scheduling function allows for automatic reports preparation and delivery on an on-going basis

And an emailing report capability which enables users to transmit them electronically

*Workday Reporting provides users with the capability to easily create reports directly from its interface, making this course an efficient means for creating reliable reports for organizations.


Since Workday Advanced Reporting is a functional module of Workday, no specific prerequisites are necessary; however, prior experience creating reports would certainly come in handy.

If you already possess knowledge in Workday HCM module, no additional expertise is necessary for mastery of advanced workday reporting.


Once you understand a concept and technology well enough to take an exam for certification purposes, Workday will issue it officially as soon as you pass.

After becoming certified and learning this technology, it is time to update your resume and testimonials in order to build your career and advance professionally.

Course Content

1.Composite Reports
  • Create Composite Reports
  • Enable Business Objects for Filtering and Grouping
  • ​​Setting Up Composite Report’s Columns, Rows, and Cells
  • ​​Additional Options for Composite Reports
  • ​​Setting Up Output Options for Composite Reports
  • ​​Create Outline Structures for Composite Reports
  • ​​Formatting Styles
  • ​​Prompt Sets for Composite Reports
  • ​​Composite Report Columns
  • ​​Composite Report Rows
  • ​​Composite Report Cells
  • ​​Create a Report on the Gender Breakdown of Active Workers
2.Trending Reports Overview
  • Creating Trending Reports
  • ​​Setting Up Trending Reports
  • ​​Trended Workers Data
  • ​​Tenants for Trended Worker Reporting
  • ​​ Trended Workers Data Source Overview
  • ​​Find Custom Reports Based on the Trended Workers Data Source
  • ​​Trended Workers Data Source
  • ​​Reporting on the Trended Workers Data Source
3.Transposed Reports Overview
  • Create Transposed Reports
  • ​​Rows for Transposed Reports
4.Search Reports Overview
  • Overview of Search Report
  • Create Search Reports
5.nBox Reports view
  • Create nBox Reports
  • Matrix Options for nBox Reports
6.Worklets and Dashboards
  • Custom Dashboards
  • ​​Create Custom Dashboards
  • ​​Configure Dashboard Content
  • ​​Enable Reports for Related Worklets
  • ​​Save Custom Prompt Values for
  • ​​Custom Worklets
  • ​​Worklet Performance
7.Custom Metrics and Scorecards Overview
  • Create Custom Metrics and Scorecards
  • ​​Analytic Scorecard Profiles and Metric Sets
  • ​​Create Custom Metrics
  • ​​Custom Reports for Scorecards
  • ​​Process and Review Metrics
  • ​​Workday Scorecards Overview
  • ​​Custom Scorecard Report Definition
  • ​​Scorecard Results
  • ​​Metric Calculations for Dependent
8.Configurable Grid

Exploring the various options available for the configurable grid
How to successfully run configurable grid audit reports
Copy and modify a configurable grid

9.Stock Plans

Creation of a Stock Plan
Design of a Stock Participation Rate Table
How to run the Update Stock Grant?
How is stock awarded?


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