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Workday Benefits Training

This Workday Benefits training covers concepts related to employee benefits packages provided by organizations.

Attend an Online Live Demo session for Workday Benefits and gain more in-depth understanding.

Five+ years of real-life experienced professionals bring you a comprehensive analysis of Workday Benefits scenarios.

By attending Online classes, you will gain guidance for Workday Certification exams as well as interview preparation.

Workday offers many opportunities worldwide.


Workday Benefits provides organizations with an efficient solution for administering employees’ benefits to streamline administration work in an organization and show appreciation. Many employers provide these benefits as an affirmation of employee contributions to demonstrate they appreciate them and respect their staff members.

Workday Benefits offers companies and employees alike the ability to easily customize employee benefit packages using customizable benefits plans for wellness credits, leave programs, allowance plans pension health services and many others. Many employees choose Workday Benefits over traditional plans because its customized benefit offerings appeal more directly to employees’ individual needs and preferences.

With knowledge of this technology, you can effectively administer all employee benefit plans provided to employees within an organization.


Any enthusiast can quickly gain an understanding of this technology; even those coming from professional backgrounds such as framework directors, HR leaders, project chiefs or software engineers can quickly grasp it.

Knowledge of Workday HCM will also prove helpful; this technology focuses on managing people within an organization.


Once you understand Workday technology and its concepts, an exam is planned in order for you to receive your official certificate from them. This certificate will then be officially presented by Workday.

Once you master this technology and achieve certification, you can build your career around it and expand professionally.

Course Content

1.Benefit Transactions

1. Introduction
2. Foundation review
3. Benefit Transactions
4. Navigations
5. Business Objects
6. Standard screen & task icons
7. Configuration options
8. Organizations
9. Benefit Groups
10. Security
11. Benefit Partner
12. Benefits Administrator
13. Benefits Configuration Review
14. Coverage Targets
15. Who are all allowed to enroll
16. Coverage Target – HAS, types, groups & eligibility
17. Benefit groups
18. Benefits Plans, Events and Business Processes
19. Benefit Plans, Year Definition, Events, Days to Enroll
20. Coordination of Events
21. Enrollment Event Types
22. Distinguish Between Actions, Approvals & To Dos
23. Business Process Condition Rules
24. Benefits and HR Business Process
25. Change Benefits Business Process
26. Enrollment Event Processing
27. Quick walk thru on already available reports
28. Initiating& Reviewing a Benefit Event
29. Importance of Benefit Event Status Report
30. Enrollment Process, Correcting Benefits &Finding Events
31. Correct Benefit Elections
32. Multiple Events for the same Employee& Same Day
33. Processing Rule Priorities
34. Managing Dependents & Beneficiaries& inactivation
35. Configuring the Business Process Dependent Event
36. Court Ordered Benefits for Dependents
37. Passive Events & processing
38. Benefit Plan or Dependent Eligibility Rules
39. Evidence of Insurability & Processing
40. Trigger and Process EOI
41. Open Enrollment & its associated process
42. Open Enrollment Event Type
43. OE initiation, elections & status report & closing
44. Printing Benefit Statements
45. Finalizing OE
46. Coordination of Benefit Events with Open Enrollment


2.Advance Benefits

Benefits set up:

Manage Benefit Coverage Types
How to create
Health Care Coverage Targets
Insurance Coverage Targets
Benefit Providers
Benefit Groups
Eligibility rules
Set up
Benefit Enrollment Instructions
Benefit Electronic Signatures
Understand Checking Benefit Group Eligibility
Address any question that you may have especially around ‘Benefit Groups’

3. Costs and Rates

 Set Up Insurance Costs
Manage Individual Benefit Rates
1. Health Care Rates
2. Insurance Coverages
3. Insurance Rates
Enter Individual Benefit Rates
Setup Benefit Plans
Employee Benefit Plans
Health Care Plans
Insurance Plans

4. Considerations – Critical Illness Insurance Plans

1. Retirement Savings Plans
2. Rules for Allocating Retirement Savings Contributions
3. Enroll an Employee in Retirement Savings Plans
4. Health Savings Account Plans
5. Spending Account Plans
6. Additional Benefit Plans

5. Enrollment Events and Rules

Set Up
Enrollment Events and Rules & Automatic Benefit Eligibility Checks
Enrollment Events
Enrollment Event Rules
Conditional Messages for Enrollment Events
Enrolling New Hires in Benefits
Discontinue Benefits on Termination
Enrollment Period for Benefit Events
Coordination of Benefits Enrollment Events
Multiple Benefit Events on the Same Day
Plan Changes and Waiting Periods
Benefit Deduction Begin Date Rules

Default Coverage and Auto-Enrollment
Set Up
Default Benefits Coverage
Auto-Enrollment for Benefit Plans

6.Cross Plan (CP) Dependencies

CP Enrollment Prerequisites
CP Insurance Coverage Maximums
CP Insurance Percentage Maximums
CP Retirement Savings Plan Contribution Maximums
Scenario CP Enrollment Prerequisites


COBRA Automation
Correct COBRA Eligibility Records
Determine Qualifying Event Date


 Medicare Tracking
Manage Medicare Information

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