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Course Description

Workday Compensation Course provides you with the knowledge to comprehend various compensation reports and management tasks associated with Workday, so as to enhance the ability to create plans, packages or manage plans within Workday for compensation plans or packages etc. Upon completing this training you will have gained skills needed for creating compensation reports or performing compensation management duties on these.

Learning with real world scenarios provided by experts with over five years experience is highly effective at covering all concepts involved. Furthermore, our trainers will assist in getting Workday certification as well as provide insight for interview preparation.

Join Online Training on any device worldwide for Workday Compensation training and be confident with any aspect. Reach Out To Us For Details For additional questions you can reach us anytime.

Experience & Overview

Workday Compensation is a cloud-based application that provides a comprehensive solution for compensation management. Workday Compensation offers a compensation template that can be customized, a real-time compensation calculator, and the ability to build what-if scenarios.

Organizations can manage all parts of their compensation plans, from pay and bonuses to long-term incentives, with Workday Compensation. Workday Pay also gives enterprises visibility into their compensation systems through a comprehensive collection of reporting and analytics solutions.

Additionally, you may establish and manage compensation plans and track and manage compensation spending. Workday Compensation offers a robust compensation modeling tool that enables the creation and evaluation of various compensation scenarios.

Workday Compensation connects with other Workday applications to offer an organization’s staff a complete picture. It gives employees a self-service portal to monitor and manage their compensation data.

This Workday Compensation Online Training will equip you with the information necessary to manage all employee compensation inside the firm.


As we know, Workday Compensation is a functional module of Workday. It doesn’t demand high-level knowledge. Basic knowledge of Workday and analytics would be a help.

To learn Workday Compensation, students should have a basic understanding of compensation plans and the workforce. At the end of the course, however, you will be mastering compensation skills.


Once you learn about this concept and have a good idea of this technology, you will write an exam to get the certificate. Workday will officially provide the certificate once you qualify for the Certification Exam.

After learning this technology and getting the certification, you need to update your resume and testimonials to build a career and grow professionally.

Course Content

1.Compensation Elements

– Frequencies
– Units of Measure
– Compensation Eligibility Rule
– compensation Element

2.Compensation Guidelines

– Compensation Grades
– compensation Grade Profiles
– Compensation Grade Steps
– Compensation Grade Hierarchy
– Compensation Step Progression
– Comp Step Adjustments– Request Grade Change
– Adjustment to grades assigned to job profiles

3. Compensation Plans

– Salary
– Hourly
– Allowance
– One Time Payment Plans
– Commission
– Period Salary Plans
– Calculated Plans

4. Compensation Basis

– Types of Basis: MBT Manage Basis Total
– Std Compensation Basis (Total Base Pay/ Total Salary & Allowances)

6.Manage Compensation

– Request Compensation Change
– Mas roll out / Removal of comp plans
– Expected end data – Plan Removal
– Allowance plans adjustments
– Severance

7.Configurable Grid

Exploring the various options available for the configurable grid
How to successfully run configurable grid audit reports
Copy and modify a configurable grid

8.Stock Plans

Creation of a Stock Plan
Design of a Stock Participation Rate Table
How to run the Update Stock Grant?
How is stock awarded?

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