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Course Description

Our Workday Extend Training will help you understand how to create applications within Workday System and enjoy an unparalleled learning experience from marketing lead trainers who provide live project scenarios as part of this online class format. Training takes less time, is effective and cost efficient.

This course requires an advanced understanding of Workday HCM as it serves as the cornerstone for all the modules available within Workday. CloudWorks will offer 24-hour support should any tool/tenant issues arise during this process.

Expert advice provided during online sessions has proven essential in attaining Workday Certification.

Experience & Overview

Workday Extend is a cloud-based technology designed to enable companies safely integrate third-party apps and data sources with their Workday environment. Companies using Workday Extend can quickly connect to any external systems for quick and safe accessing of its features without worrying about security of this information or how well it fits into Workday environment.

Workday Extend is designed for flexibility, so organizations can quickly add or delete connections as their needs vary. The module contains numerous features and tools designed to assist companies in better managing employees;
some examples are:
* Access all employee records at one convenient place

* Building and tracking employee profiles, creating roles for them and controlling how employees use Workday HCM are all features available through Workday HCM. It can even manage employee workflows.

This course covers how to set up and manage users and data sources in Workday Extend, create reports using that data and more.


No prerequisites are typically necessary; it simply relies on what would otherwise be offered as functionality in Workday itself. While an understanding of data sources would certainly come in handy.

An understanding of Workday will enable you to better comprehend and master this technology course, giving you more control of flexible employee work schedules when finished with it.


As soon as you understand this technology and its concepts, and have an in-depth knowledge base to draw upon, the next step in certification will be taking an exam to earn it. Once eligible for Workday Certification Exam and awarded their certificate.

Once you’ve acquired knowledge and certification in Workday Extend, make sure to update your resume and testimonials so as to build your career and grow professionally. When building and expanding on this technology a career should follow quickly thereafter.

Course Content

1.Workday Report Designer for Workday

  • Description
    • Goal & Objectives
    • Agenda
3. Building a Custom Report
  • Build Custom Web Service Enabled Report
5. Creating a Report Project
  • Create Report Project and Import Files
    • Create the Data Source, Data Set and Preview the Report
6. Formatting the Report & Properties
  • Format and Preview the Report
7. Deploy to Workday
  • Deploy report layout and Print Report
8. Changes to Workday Report Definition
  • Modify the report and update the Report Design
9. Formatting Letters
  • Create a report and a report Design layout for New Hire Letter
10. Working with Multiple Data Sets
  • Multidata Sets
    • Create a report and a report Design layout for Outstanding Customer Invoices
11. Aggregates, Sorting, and Grouping
  • Create a report and a report Design layout for Customer List
12. Delivered Report Designs
  • Use a Delivered Report Design
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