Workday Leave and Absence Management

Workday Leave and Absence Management Training

Course Description

Workday Leave and Absence Management is essential in supporting organizations’ workforce. This course equips participants with all of the knowledge and abilities required for managing leave and absence using Workday.

This course covers topics including creating and managing leave types, configuring leave accruals, assigning leave balances, tracking time off, managing absences and integrating with other Workday modules. By the completion of this course, students should feel equipped to effectively administer their organization’s leave and absence management in Workday.

Workday Leave and Absence Management Course provides online training on managing employee leaves and absences in Workday, from creating absence requests, tracking time off requests, to maintaining balances. You will learn all these processes as you navigate this course!

Experience & Overview

Workday Leave and Absence Management is an intelligent system designed to automate and streamline organizational leave management practices more efficiently and effectively than traditional solutions can. By automating employee leave requests through this powerful solution, organizations are better able to administer employee leaves efficiently and effectively and manage absence more cost efficiently and successfully.

As well as giving employees greater visibility into their leave and absence balances, this system includes features that make it simple and flexible enough to suit an organization’s unique requirements.

The system gives managers an experience & overview of their team’s leave & absence while giving employees visibility into their time off work. Leave can also be managed for both individuals and teams making it simple to stay on top of time spent away from work.

This course is tailored for individuals responsible for overseeing leave and absence management within an organization, covering topics like creating leave types, absence records, balances and requests as well as vacation, sick and bereavement leave taken within Workday.


Workday Leave and Absence Management does not entail any specific prerequisites; rather, as one of its functional modules it does require some prior understanding about employee leave/absence management practices and trends. To use Workday Leave & Absence Management effectively you will need a basic knowledge about leave /absence.

Working knowledge of Workday HCM would prove extremely useful when learning its technology course accurately and comprehensively. By the time of completion, however, you will become adept at maintaining workforce skills within any organization.


Once you understand Workday technology and concepts, and are confident with navigating its implementation, a certification exam must be passed in order to receive official recognition as part of Workday certification process. Once passed successfully, official certificates from Workday will be made available as evidence that you passed their Certification Exam successfully.


Course Content

1.Absence Management Overview
  • Overview
  • Time Off vs Leave Of Absence
  • Practical Activities
2.Time Off Plans and Components
  • Time Off Plans
  • Time Off Components
    • Explore an Accrual Definition
    • Explore a Time Off Definition
    • Explore a Balance Period Definition
    • Explore a Period Schedule Definition
  • Time Off Plans
    • Explore a Time Off Definition
    • Create a Basic Time Off Plan
    • Modify Time Off Plan to Track Balances
  • Time Off Limits
    • Define Carryover Limits and Upper Limits
    • Define Lower Limits
  • Accrual Frequency Method
    • Modify the Accrual Frequency Method
    • Accrual and Time Off Priorities
  • Validations
    • Define Validation Rules
  • Practical Activities
3. Calculation Engine
  • What is calculation?
  • Types of calculations
    • Conditional Calculation
    • Lookup Calculation
    • Logic Calculation.etc
    • Proration
  • Eligibility and Scheduling Criteria
    • Add Eligibility Criteria
    • Add Waiting Period
4. Leave of Absence
  • Overview
  • Leave of Absence Types
  • Leave Type Components
    • Explore a Leave Type
    • Basic Leave Type
    • Modify leave type to track balances
  • Eligibility and Validation Rules
    • Define Eligibility and Validation Rules
    • Leave Type Security Segment
  • Supporting Data
    • Define Supporting Data
  • Coordinated Leaves and Time Off
  • Absence Type Grouping
  • Practical Activities
5. Absence Administration
  • Manage Time Off
    • Adjust Accrual
    • Suspend limits and Adjust Accruals
    • Override Plan Balances and Carryover Limits
    • Correct Time off
  • Manage Leave off Absence
    • Correct a Leave Request
    • Return Employee from Leave
  • Practical Activities
6.Business Processes
  • Time Off Business Process
    • Explore the Time Off BP’s
    • Transfer/ Payout Time Off Plan Balances During a Job change
  • Leave Off Absence Business Processes
    • E Explore The Leave of Absence BP’s
  • Practical Activities
  • Time Off Reports
  • MSS and ESS Reporting
  • Leave Of Absence Reports
  • Practical Activities
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