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Course Description

Workday LMS(Workday Learning Management system or Workday LMS) enables organizations to effectively organize, deliver, and track training programs using its cloud-based infrastructure. It acts as a central repository for course content storage, learner profiles and progress monitoring – essential features in modern workplace training programs.

Additionally, this platform includes features designed to facilitate online collaboration and communication among learners and instructors.

This Workday LMS course aims to equip users with the skills and knowledge required for effective use of Workday LMS. Topics of discussion include its user interface, creating and managing learning content as well as delivering learning material directly to users.

Users will gain the knowledge needed to use Workday LMS effectively, create learning content, manage it efficiently and deliver it directly to users.

Experience & Overview

Workday Learning Management System (LMS) is an affordable cloud-based solution that enables organizations to organize, administer and deliver employee training. As the central repository for all training content – be it eLearning courses, instructor-led training or virtual classroom sessions – Workday LMS offers organizations an effective means for managing employee training.

Workday LMS was designed to promote collaboration and social learning by offering powerful tools for managing training schedules, tracking employee progress and assessing training results – such as discussion forums, wikis and blogs.

Workday LMS offers organizations of all sizes an cost-effective training management solution at a subscription-based pricing model without additional hardware or software investments required for deployment. Furthermore, its integration with Workday HCM makes managing employee records and training data simple and centralized.

Organizations can feel assured they are always using the most current version. New features and security enhancements are added frequently, giving organizations confidence that they have access to a cutting-edge system.


Workday LMS doesn’t impose any predefined prerequisites as one of its functional modules; however, you should possess basic knowledge regarding employee training programs to use this feature effectively.

Acquiring basic knowledge of Workday will prove extremely useful in understanding and learning its technology courses precisely, while at the end of your journey you’ll mastering skills such as managing and providing employee training sessions.


Once you understand this concept and technology, and possess an in-depth knowledge base about Workday products and solutions, an examination will take place to secure certification from Workday. Once passed successfully, an official certificate will be awarded by Workday as proof.

Once certified in Workday Prism Analytics technology, update your resume and testimonials as quickly as possible in order to build your career and advance in professional growth.

Course Content

  • Learning Configure and Maintenance
  • Considerations
  • Learning Instructors
  • Express Interest for Learning Courses
  • Configure Learning Dashboards
  • Maintain Learning Validations
  • Maintain Drop Course Event Categories
  • Maintain Learning Unit Types
  • Learning Topics
  • Learning Dashboard Worklets
  • Learning Security
  • Configure Considerations: Segmented Security for Learning
  • Configure Considerations: Pre-Hire Access to Learning
  • Configure: Set Up Security for Learning
  • Configure: Restrict Access to Learning Content
  • Configure: Configure Pre-Hire Access to Learning Content
  • Security in Learning
  • Learning Pricing Enablement
  • Configure Considerations: Pricing Enablement
  • Configure: Set Up Pricing for Learning
  • Create Learning Organization Payment Configurations
  • Learning Content
  • Configure Considerations: Learning Content
  • Configure Considerations: Learning Lessons
  • Configure: Manage Learning Content
  • Configure: Set Up and Launch Learning Campaigns
  • Configure: Set Up Learner Name for Packaged Content
  • Create Learning Courses
  • Create Learning Course Offerings
  • Move Instructor-Led Classroom Training Online
  • Create Learning Programs
  • View and Edit Learning Content
  • Create Learning Equivalency Rules
  • Create Learning Prerequisite Rules
  • Learning Enrollments
  • Configure Manage Learning Enrollments
  • Mass Enroll Learners
  • Mass Drop Learners
  • Manage Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  • Manage Schedules and Grading and Attendance
  • Manage Enrollment Completion
  • Manage Reminders for Learning Courses with Expiry Periods
  • Reset Learning Due Dates
  • Learning Assignments
  • Waitlists for Learning Course Offerings
  • Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Considerations: Extended Enterprise
  • Configure Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Access for Extended Enterprise Learning
  • Configure Extended Enterprise Affiliations
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