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Course Description

Workday Prism Analytics Training covers all the important details involved with gathering and analyzing data derived from various sources. With expert professional trainers available online and interactively for an engaging learning session.

Enroll in this course to gain knowledge on managing data from different resources. Workday offers various certification levels that will assist your career advancement.

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Experience & Overview

Workday Prism Analytics is an accessible cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution, helping enterprises uncover hidden insights, make smarter decisions and drive operational improvements.

Our platform’s flexible data format enables customers to seamlessly access a wide array of sources – Workday HCM, Financials and external databases are just some examples – while its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables quick creation and distribution of customized reports and dashboards in no time at all.

Workday Prism Analytics revolutionized business intelligence and analytics with its advanced features that allow customers to conduct in-depth analyses on large datasets to uncover hidden patterns or trends, revolutionising business intelligence and analysis processes.

Workday HCM and Financials users can connect to diverse data sources – Workday HCM, Financials and external data sources such as Bloomberg Terminal. By tapping into diverse datasets simultaneously, enterprises can unearth previously hidden insights, make more effective decisions, and enhance operational improvements.


As Workday Prism Analytics is an optional module of Workday, there’s no high-level knowledge requirement; basic understanding of both would suffice.

Students pursuing Workday Prism Analytics courses need a basic grasp of financial accounting and business analytics; upon completing this course they will develop decision-making abilities that enable effective decision making.


Once you understand a technology well enough to write an exam to gain certification in that subject area, Workday will officially issue you one when you pass its Certification Exam.

After becoming certified and learning this technology, the next step should be updating your resume and testimonials for maximum career growth and professional advancement.

Course Content

1.Dataset Concepts

• Concept: Datasets
• Concept: Dataset Workspace
• Concept: Dataset Schemas
• Concept: Dataset Schema Changes
• Concept: Publishing Datasets
• Concept: Dataset Pipelines
• Concept: Dataset Stages
• Concept: Dataset Field Types
• Concept: NULL Values in Datasets
• Concept: Prism Calculated Fields
• Concept: Hiding Dataset Fields

2.Merit Plans

Learning the components of a Merit Plan
Creating a compensation review statement.
Step by step process of configuring impacted employees and configuring a merit pool
Creating a task of process compensation awards for employees
Evaluate the coordination of events for the compensation review process
Performing a rollout for a merit plan for eligible candidates

3. Creating Datasets

• Steps: Create a Dataset with External Data (SFTP Server)
• Steps: Create a Dataset with External Data (Upload a File)
• Steps: Create a Dataset Using Workday Data
• Steps: Create a Derived Dataset
• Import a Dataset into a Derived Dataset
• Upload a New File to a Dataset

• Set Up Dataset Sharing
• Share a Dataset with Others

6.Preparing Datasets for Publishing

• Publish a Dataset as a Prism Data Source Manually
• Define a Schedule for Publishing a Dataset

• Steps: Create a Discovery Board
• Steps: Create a Visualization
• Data Discovery Concepts
• Modifying Visualizations
• Filtering and Sorting Data in Visualizations


• Worksheets Setup
• Download All Comment Data
• Edit, Delete, or Purge Workbook Comments by Other Users
• Concept: Managing Workbooks
• Concept: Creating Reports to Insert into Workbooks
• Concept: Array Formulas in Workbooks
• Concept: Editing Workbooks
• Concept: Automatic and Manual Calculation in Workbook Formulas
• Concept: Data Analysis with Worksheets Functions

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