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Our Workday SCM training encompasses essential aspects of an organization, including supply chain management, HR transactions and financial services. Workday cloud solutions benefit your company by cutting costs while increasing efficiency.

Workday SCM courses can be taken either during weekday or weekend hours with instructor led live-led training providing flexible learning environments with interactive trainers providing real world scenarios to keep learning relevant and enjoyable.

Trainers offer workday Certification and interview guidance that makes passing job interviews simpler.


WorkingDay SCM offers the total package in terms of Supply chain management, planning, human resource (HR), Financials, and analytics in one single cloud-based platform that you can use on mobile or desktop.

Healthcare organizations possess all of the elements required for effective supply chain management. Workday SCM makes collaboration easy when it comes to sourcing, planning and teambuilding – as well as Standardizing Processes. What areas does Workday SCM cover within healthcare? * Accounts Payable * Procurement * Contract Management * Spend Planning And Analysis

* Inventory Control.

* Supplier Management and Sourcing

When learning this Workday SCM technology, you can help companies build better relationships with procurement departments; migrate risk across suppliers; and monitor spending levels more accurately.


Supply chain management requires strong analytical abilities as well as the capacity for creating effective working relationships.

Supply chain and Logistics management are service industries; as with any service sector, their success requires people skills as technology cannot replace forming meaningful connections among providers, consumers and partners.


To become certified with Workday or one of their partner employees, typically covered by them at no cost and offered during your initial month on board as part of an employee onboarding program.

Certified Workday Revenue users must pass a multiple-choice test upon completing training to become accredited users of this system.

Course Content

1.Core Concepts and Navigation
  • Tenant landing Page
  • Basic Navigation
  • Functional Area
  • Workday User, Proxy-Start proxy
2. Organization and Work tags
  • Reorganization
  • Organization-Company, cost center, Company Hierarchy and Cost center Hierarchy
  • Organization Types
  • Work tags-Concepts, Delivered and custom Work tags, Work tag Usage and Related Work tags
3. EIB
  • Create EIB
  • Populate data in the template
  • Load EIB
  • EIBs: Importing Journal, Recurring Journal and Account Set
  • Template downloads with data
4. Suppliers
  • Supplier setup- Work tags, Supplier categories and Supplier group
  • Create/Change Supplier
  • Spend Categories and Purchase Item
  • Accounting Posting rule for supplier
  • Custom Validation
5. Procurement
  • Request for Quotes
  • Create Requisition Template
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Create Receipt and Return
  • Create Supplier Invoice
  • Work tag split template for P2P
  • Supplier Catalog
6. Supplier Contract
  • Security Policies
  • Supplier Contract Types
  • Purchase order Schedule
  • Supplier Punchout
  • Create Supplier Invoice
  • Working split template for P2P
  • Supplier Catalog
  • Procurement Card
7. Inventory
  • Inventory Setup/Security Policies
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Inventory Fulfillment/Stock Transfer/Inventory Returns
  • Put-away Inventory/ Par Inventory
  • Inventory Replenishment
8.Security and Business Process Overview:
  • Functional Areas
  • Domain Security Policies for Functional Area
  • Business Process Security Policies for Functional Area
  • Create/Edit/View Security Group
  • Edit/View Business Process
  • Copy Business Process for the Organization
9.Workday Reporting
  • Business Object Details
  • Data Sources
  • Workday standard Reports
  • Copy Workday Standard Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Calculated Field
  • Simpler reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • Matrix reports
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