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Course Description

Workday Talent and Performance provides an introduction to Workday’s talent and performance management process, walking you through its steps for creating, monitoring and assessing talent data within Workday. In the course you will also use its tools for identifying top performers, setting development plans and measuring progress against goals.

This course covers best practices for employee feedback management and coaching conversations. In particular, this topic encompasses various Workday talent types as well as techniques for recognizing high potential employees. The course offers extensive material covering many other related subjects – but these topics may include but aren’t limited to:

Difference Between Performance Management and Traditional Reviews [TPPs] A performance manager sets goals and objectives for employees before measuring employee performance; provides feedback; measures employee progress over time; provides development plans; creates employee plans.

Tracking employee career pathways.


Workday talent and performance is a cloud-based solution designed to assist organizations in managing employee performance and talent effectively. The system includes both performance management tools (enabling managers to set goals and track progress) as well as talent management systems which identify, assess and develop talent – as well as succession planning functionality to identify future leaders within an organization.

Workday Talent and Performance software provides a centralized repository for storing employee information as well as tools for tracking employee performance evaluation and tracking employee attendance data. In addition, Workday includes a social collaboration platform which enables employees to share knowledge among themselves.

This course covers job analysis, recruitment and selection procedures as well as onboarding procedures for new employees. Furthermore, performance management including goal setting, feedback and coaching as well as development and succession planning is discussed throughout.


Workday Talent and Performance does not impose any formal prerequisites as one of its functional modules; however, you should possess some understanding about employee performance before beginning this module.

Gaining some familiarity with Workday will aid your comprehension and learning of its technology course more accurately. By the time of completion, however, you should have gained skills for tracking employee performance evaluation.


Once you understand Workday technology and its concepts, certification exams will become part of the exam process to earn official Workday certificates. Once successful in passing them, certificates are distributed through official channels by Workday and made official as official Workday awards them to you.


Course Content

1. Talent Management
  • Talent Management Overview
  • Talent Attributes
  • Competencies
  • Career Development
  • Populating Worker Talent Data
  • Talent Calibration
  • Using Talent Data
  • Feedback
2. Talent Overview
  • Talent Overview
  • Competencies
  • Talent Reviews
  • Calibration
  • Succession Planning
  • Touch Points
3.Talent Management: Competencies
  • Competency Basics
  • Set Up and Create Competencies
  • Set Expected Competency Levels
  • Updating Competencies
  • Comparing Competencies
  • Generating a Talent Card
4.Performance Management
  • Performance Management Overview
  • Goal Management
  • Feedback
  • Competencies
  • Employee Review Overview
  • Employee Review Configuration
  • Employee Review Transactions
  • Performance Calibration
  • Performance Reporting
5.Succession Planning
  • Configure succession values.
  • Assess a worker’s potential.
  • Complete a talent review.
  • Create and manage succession plans.
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